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Audi Q7 Updated for 2010


The next installment of Audi’s Q7 will feature minor facelifts to the frontend and rear of the vehicle.  Other than an improvement in fuel efficiency, the engine will virtually remain unchanged.



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Bertone Project M


Here is the highly anticipated Bertone Mantide supercar concept.  What do you think?



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2011 Jaguar XE


Meet Jaguars response to the Porsche 911 brand.  Smaller and lighter the Jaguar XE is expected to compete directly with the 911 for market share.  Power will come from the new 5.0-liter AJ-V8 engine which will produce 385hp or the supercharged 510hp version.



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2010 Tesla Model S


Considered getting the electric Tesla roadster but a coupe just isn’t practical?  Well consider their electric sedan, the Tesla Model S.  Riding the momentum of the popularity of their highly anticipated roadster, Tesla introduces their Model S.  Buyers will have the option of a 42kW-hr battery capable of going for 160 miles or a 70kW-hr upgrade capable of 300 miles when fully charged. 



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2010 GMC Terrain


The Terrain is one of GMC’s latest attempts to appeal to the crossover driver.  Buyers will have their choice of a 2.4-liter four banger or a 3.0-liter V-6 engine.  Fuel efficiency seemed to be a main focus as the 2.4-liter is believed to be capable of 30mpg highway.  Is anybody ready to trade in their Envoy?

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Bentley Continental GT Imperator


The fine people at Hamann have decided to tweak the Bentley Continental GT and came up with this…the Imperator.  The body kit features new front and rear bumpers along with a new spoiler to mention a few.  The aggressive look is also matched with an increase in power to 630 horses due to some engine and exhaust upgrades.  Check out the touched up interior below. 


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2010 Subaru Legacy


The new Legacy features a more aero-dynamic frontend as well as a little more body as it seems it has picked up a little more size.  For the most part the engine specifications match those of its predecessor.  Never heralded as one of the best looking sedans, the Legacy should still be fun to drive.

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