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2012 Buick Regal GS Officially Introduced

Buick unveiled their production model of the sporty new Regal GS at Miami this past weekend.  Breaking from the…

Breaking from the traditional Buick mold as “grandpa’s car”, the Regal GS is stirring up a considerable amount of buzz.  Expected to compete with the mid-sized likes of the Acura TSX aesthetic upgrades were necessary.  Outfitted with standard 19inch wheels and aerodynamic lines similar of that to the Lexus GS the Regal should appeal to a wider range of consumers.  The 2012 Regal is smoother than its predecessor allowing Buick to further make its point that grandpa will get there in style.

Although there was speculation that an AWD model would be available to the American market, current reports point to a FWD Regal for the US.  Capable of 0-60mph in less than 7sec under the hood will reside a 2.0liter turbocharged Ecotec inline-four engine.  The Ecotec technology which is also found in the Chevy Cobalt SS among others in the GM line-up will produce 255hp @5300rpms.

Look for a 2011 second half release for this car.


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